LIC’s Food Truck Lot Today

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So today it was Palenque home made Columbian Food and also Pera, Turkish Tacos.

LIC's Food Truck Lot continues to delight and surprise us!

Palenque was a healthy foodie's dream all organized around the Columbian arepa which is basically a flat tortilla-like vehicle for lots of toppings.  QWV stuck with the traditional corn arepa and added cheese, chipotle mayo and guacamole salsa ($5.00).  One was plenty, but it may be hard to choose--so no one is looking if you order two.  A carnivore would be in heaven too with beef, chicken and shrimp offerings.  Other toppings are seitan and chorizo. What's more important, the food was served with love; everyone working in the truck was happy and wanted to please.  Palenque is organized with an ordering station at the truck's passenger side door and then pick-up at the standard window.  And QWV loves the art work on the truck.  Palenque come back!

Pera, Turkish Tacos is a whole 'nother story.  Pera owns restaurants in midtown and SoHo and they are the first food truck to be granted a liquor license by the NY State Liquor Authority.  No tippling at your desk allowed however, you have to toast and consume in the vicinity of the food truck.  The menu is simple and really tantalizing. The lavender & honey roasted chicken on lavash bread caught QWV's eye, but we stuck with an eggplant and squash wrap and tried a side of lavosh chips and hummus with a bottle of w---ater ($9.00).  This is also one of the few savory trucks that served dessert, baklava was available for $4.00 more.  With happier truck staff and slightly better pricing this could be a total winner!  Pera Turkish Tacos come back for another try.....

The LIC food truck court is a really fun option for those who work near Queens Plaza or in home offices nearby.  Mom's with children at home might also enjoy the short walk over to 44th Drive for an LIC diversion!

Food Truck Address, Menu & Schedule
43-29 Crescent Street (near Jackson and kitty-corner to the Citi Building)

2-4 trucks each day Monday-Friday 11:30-3:00 p.m.  Double check the food truck schedule at!/licfoodtruckLOT  

Some of the other trucks that have been spotted there:

Rickshaw Dumpling,
Treats Truck,
Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches,
Milk Truck,
Cupcake Stop,
Eddie's Pizza,
Andy's Italian Ices,
Frites 'N Meats and
Kimchi Taco Truck


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