Brother's preparation to receive sister

Brother’s preparation to receive sister

Brother’s preparation to receive sister

As parents, of course, you will be happy when you hear that there will be a little angel among them. A smile and laughter decorate the atmosphere of the house for parents or couples who have just had children. But what happens if the child who was originally only one will now add a new family member? Of course, you have to start preparing for your brother to accept your younger sibling while still in the womb. Brother’s preparation to receive sister

If your older siblings are teenagers, maybe you can still tell them slowly and they will happily accept it. But this will be different if the age of his older brother is still a toddler. The age that has a thirst for affection from family and parents. Do not want to share with others. Queenswestvillager


Even though you are relatively young, as parents you have to make preparations from an early age. Start talking to him slowly and give him time to think about the presence of his new sibling. For new parents, they must have difficulty convincing their children. In order for the older brother to accept the presence of his younger sibling, he can do some preparations such as:

pregnant period

When you get the news of your second pregnancy, it will certainly make many couples happy and happy. Spread this happy story to your children by saying that there will be a new younger sibling while holding the child’s hand directed at his mother’s stomach. Say also that soon will be a brother. With these words, the child can be closer and more curious about the younger sibling in his mother’s stomach.

tell funny things about babies//play together

Of course, so that the child gets used to the new sibling, he must often call the word older sibling for the child. So that the child can begin to react as a great big brother. Always interact with your brother and sister while they are still in the womb. Always tell fun stories when your sister was a baby and invite the children to meet some of the neighbors who have babies. This can make his brother’s soul rise and protect his sister under any circumstances.

When approaching birth
Never shut up brother. Always interact with you and invite you to participate in preparing some of the needs when you are about to give birth. So that the children are not jealous. Even after giving birth, taking care of the baby is also the main thing. Invite the older brother to look after his younger sibling while accompanied by his parents. So that the older brother knows that he still loves his brother.