Dealing with children who like to seek attention

Dealing with children who like to seek attention

Dealing with children who like to seek attention

Dealing with children who like to seek attention is sometimes very draining and brain-draining. Attention is one of the keys that children often do. Look for opportunities to get affection and affection from parents. This can happen when the child feels that their parents’ love is starting to not be felt again.

To deal with children who like to seek attention, you can start observing children’s daily activities. Some think when children go to school they will get a lot of attention from teachers and friends. But this makes the child’s attention even higher.


Queenswestvillager – Seeing your child’s behavior change makes you feel anxious as a person. Before it gets too late, you can try to take your child to a children’s consultation or you can also talk to the teacher at school. This might help you to know the development of children in school.

However, you also have to carry out your role as parents properly. Pay attention to children and invite children to play together when you have free time. As adults, of course, you will be firm if your child is wrong. You can apply this, but don’t give harsh words and some heavy punishments. Because it could be that the child’s thoughts will be more naughty and make a fuss.

There is an attitude in seeking attention, namely:

invite to play//observe

The side that sometimes will make many people angry and no longer able to pay attention to children. Negative things that the child is forced to do so that parents pay attention and worry about them. Spending time together gives each other the love they don’t get.

Not all children do negative things to get attention. There are some children who sometimes act nice to be able to get all the attention of their parents. This is what sometimes many parents always raise their children to be other people.