Don't get me wrong with male attention

Don’t get me wrong about male attention

Don’t get me wrong about male attention

Don’t get me wrong about the attention of men who always look good to you. Did you know that the attitude of a man who cares is not aimed at liking? But intended as compassion and friendship. This is what often makes many women misunderstand the meaning of attention given by a man.

So it’s only natural that there are women who fall in love with the attitude of men who are so very caring. As a woman, you are allowed to feel happy with the attention you get from a man. But not all of this attention is an expression of liking. Sometimes as a woman, of course, it will be difficult in terms of assessing a man’s attitude.

It’s easy to misunderstand

Queenswestvillager – This makes many women often heartbroken and misunderstood. Not all men will pay attention to the opposite sex. Sometimes the attitude of men, in general, is difficult to predict, so many women are easily fooled. Here are some things you can know about men who like to pay attention:


different attitude//be friends

When a guy asks to talk to you, it doesn’t mean the guy likes you. Every time we talk, sometimes we discuss general matters or personal matters, but usually, the man pays respect to you. Respect in the sense of maintaining relationships with friends, relatives, and so on.


Sometimes guys look for opportunities to prank you. You feel funny with cute expressions, but sometimes their whimsical attitude will come out and make you angry. But there are some people who say that this attitude can also bring a sense of slow sea love.


Did you know that there is a type of man who likes to pay attention not to one person but to many people? This happens because they want everyone around them to feel comfortable. Melt the atmosphere and act like everything is under control.

It’s a good attitude

In this world, all men are born with different attitudes. There are those who have a fierce attitude, ignorant, and are cold. However, there are also men who are brought up with a caring and affectionate attitude. This is why sometimes you can’t tell the difference between a man’s attitude of attention because he likes or cares as a friend.