Fear of being the center of attention

Fear of being the center of attention

Fear of being the center of attention

Fear of being the center of attention of many people. Many people do not know that not everyone wants intense attention. There are some people who feel uncomfortable and afraid when someone pays more attention. Someone who gets a lot of attention certainly has a sense of pride and joy.

But it’s different from people who don’t like excessive attention. They will be more dodging and hiding. Not because they are arrogant and stylish but because there is something they should avoid. Of course, those of you who meet this person doesn’t immediately force it.

Here are some reasons not to be given attention, namely:


Queenswestvillager – People who don’t like being noticed don’t mean they are arrogant. But because their low self-confidence makes them insecure. Have negative thoughts about yourself. Easily inferior to the greatness of others.

Alone and normal

Meeting someone who prefers to be alone can give you a bad opinion. every person’s life is different. There are those who want to be noticed more and get flattery. There are also people who prefer to live quietly and alone. Not liking to be exposed to the outside makes a person’s character look like an ordinary person.


afraid of making mistakes//alone

When you become someone who gets a lot of attention, you will certainly feel happy and happy. But for people who have never gotten a lot of attention, it will definitely make all the feelings flutter and mix. We hope that everything you do is always right and you don’t want any mistakes.


Not everyone who gets attention will feel safe. Most of those who get attention always lose a sense of security and comfort. This is inversely proportional to people who do not like crowds or excessive attention. They will prefer a sense of comfort rather than challenging things.


Did you know that people who seek attention mostly have different characteristics from the original? Two-faced and full of deception. For people who do not like attention, it is inversely proportional to people who seek attention. They prefer to be themselves and don’t need to be someone else.