How to Change a Rough Attitude to Be Soft

How to Change a Rough Attitude to Be Soft

How to Change a Rough Attitude to Be Soft

Someone who is being rude is actually not what he will convey. Because sometimes a rude attitude comes out of association or environmental factors. But there are also people who are already mean to be rude because they are often given heartache. So he took it out to be a bad person.

There is nothing wrong if you meeting a rude person, stay calm to deal with it. Because rude people who meet rude people will only make the situation worse. It’s not uncommon for good people to be rude and vice versa. Everything is the way the people around him and himself want to change. The things that can make a rough person turn soft are Queenswestvillager


Give attention that is truly sincere by teaching him. It doesn’t need to be taught in detail, but give teaching thorough attention so you can see the results for yourself. We don’t need to pay too much attention and we don’t need to force others to change quickly. Let the rude person choose and see the difference when he becomes a better version of himself.

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People who are rude will be very difficult to joke with. Of course, a rude person will continue to think of himself as a monster. Even though he knew that he was not a monster. You can still make jokes to people who are rude but still with casual words. If there is excessive joking then you can smile and a little joke without having to offend him.


Do your way of speaking as usual so that people who have words with an emphasis tone can lower their words. Usually, people who say a little bit under pressure don’t mean to dominate but it’s a habit. For that, those of you who have friends whose tone is full of emphasis, you can do it with a joke so that he can change little by little.

In these 3 ways, if you do it every day and of course, there will be conflict at first, but those of you who do it continuously will surely change more or less. And make sure not to use emotions when playing with people who are rude.