How to deal with children who like to fight

How to deal with children who like to fight

How to deal with children who like to fight

Children like to fight, of course, there are several factors that parents should know. People who like to fight must have pressure in life. The following is how to deal with children who like to fight.

Intense Communication

Children who like to fight are not naughty children but children who want to be heard from their hearts. By giving you an intense conversation about what you want, the child won’t fight back. Continue to communicate so that your child feels cared for. Queenswestvillager

Invite discussion
The child is indeed a child but the child is not a statue or a servant who must obey all the orders of the parents. Children who like to be invited to discuss will make children smart and able to make children become more mature people. You can invite children to discuss small things like vacation spots or school places they like.

give freedom of choice//mediate


Of course, children will not be able to do things that like fighting if there is no teaching from their parents. You as parents must self-correct regarding everything that is done. Parents still have to learn to improve all circumstances so that children become more understanding of the meaning of the word fight.


What makes children like to fight is that there is no firmness from their parents. The firmness that parents have does not need to be excessive. Because too much will make your child feel like a stranger. Applying firmness in the sense that children and parents are boundaries that cannot be broken. Make sure your firmness is not only good for the child but your firmness will not force things. Forced things are things that many people often do that will make children obey, but actually forcing other people’s will is wrong.


Give children the freedom to choose or free your children to make decisions. Often experience quarrels and differences. Not giving freedom of choice makes children easily moody and angry. It’s not surprising if your child argues because there is a feeling of tiredness of obeying all the wishes of the parent. Let your child feel the freedom to do new things. Worried about the child’s changeable attitude. Then you can start giving trust to children. Giving freedom in the sense of being able to choose and be spoken to.