How to make it not sleepy during working hours

How to make it not sleepy during working hours

How to make it not sleepy during working hours

Drowsiness is a common thing and often happens to anyone. The reason is that you are sleepy, it will definitely be experienced by anyone and anywhere. Having a feeling of sleepiness cannot be avoided but can be diverted.

There are several things why someone suddenly sleepy

  • Overwhelmed
    a full person will certainly make himself sleepy. for that during working hours try not to eat until full. Eating a full meal is the right of each owner of the body but to reduce sleepiness. Queenswestvillager
  • Less fit
    An unfit body will make a person sleepy and of course often sleepy. Being less fit will make the body become sleepy easily and will experience other things.
  • Effect of drugs
    There is also a possibility that someone suddenly becomes drowsy due to the influence of drugs. Because there are sedatives that will make sufferers become drowsy. If someone has to take drugs, it’s no wonder you will feel sleepy. Because there are drug provisions that must be fulfilled for your health.
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How to get rid of sleepiness

Make sure you smile when you do any activity. Smiling can not only get rid of stress but can get rid of sleepiness. Smiling is not just moving lips and cheeks smiling can make a sleepy mind disappear.

Make movements that really use body and soul. If you just move your body then sleepiness will still be there. Moving according to your ability will make your sleepiness decrease. Do activities with enthusiasm so that they will make sleepiness disappear.

Bright place
Sleepy people should never bring themselves into the dark, for example, in a dark room. If you are already feeling sleepy, staying in a dark room will make your activities stagnate.