Pay attention to the sacrificial animal before buying

Pay attention to the sacrificial animal before buying

Pay attention to the sacrificial animal before buying

Pay attention to sacrificial animals before buying so that there will be no regrets later. When discussing sacrificial animals, it indicates that the Eid al-Adha holiday will soon be over. The day when all Muslims make some preparations to welcome the day of victory. Prepare several sacrificial animals according to your abilities. Pay attention to the sacrificial animal before buying

Two months earlier several sellers of cattle and goats had started displaying them on several roadsides. There are many types of cows and goats that you can choose from at places where sacrificial animals are sold. Only certain places can sell sacrificial animals. The animals they sell are still very healthy and fresh. Queenswestvillager

Check before buying

Even though the virus has started to subside, people who buy it still have to keep their distance and use hand sanitizer when buying sacrificial animals. If you want to make a sacrifice, you must also pay close attention to the type of animal. Not just buy and cut. Here are some things that you should pay attention to when buying sacrificial animals, namely:

Healthy and not sick
Buying animals for sacrifice is not permissible. Must be healthy and fresh. Signs of an animal that is still healthy and fresh can be seen from having no injuries, blindness, lameness, horns intact, testicles still present, and many more. If someone is injured, they cannot make a sacrifice.

started selling sacrificial animals//Healthy

Appropriate and old enough

Did you know that the age of the sacrificial animal is at least two years old? Under that age, don’t buy it. Of course, you are confused when you know the age of the animal is suitable and can be sacrificed. You can pay attention to the growth of a pair of teeth in the jaw indicating that goats, cows, sheep, or buffalo can be sacrificed.

No bleeding
Also, check the health of the sacrificial animals. Make sure not to bleed in every animal that you will sacrifice. If an animal is bleeding, it indicates that the sacrificial animal is sick or has a virus.

Not only humans who want to have an ideal body shape. The sacrificial animals that you buy must also have an ideal body shape. Ideal in the sense of having a flat backbone and the horns of a cow or goat are the same size and length and stand parallel without having one side length.