Pay attention when commuting

Pay attention when commuting

Pay attention when commuting

Pay attention when going home so that nothing is left behind. Eid is coming soon and of course, those of you who are getting ready to go back to your hometown has already checked beforehand. Before unwanted problems occur, it would be nice for you to start checking first. Pay attention when commuting

Homecoming is a tradition once a year. Gather with your family and do worship with your loved ones. Don’t forget that before going home, you have to make some careful plans so that mistakes don’t happen. Of course, for those of you who are going home for the first time, you can’t wait to meet your relatives.

So for those who are going home, things to pay attention to are:

For those who don’t want to be tired going home, you can choose the type of vehicle they want to use, such as travel, car rental, buses, boats, and many more. If you already have your own car, check the condition of the car before leaving. Check so that when you return home safely. It’s the same with the motorbike that you will use to go home. Take it to the repair shop and check the condition of the motorbike before you go home. Queenswestvillager


For those who are going home soon, try to do a health check. See if your condition allows you to travel far or not. If you are healthy – just healthy then the trip will not make you sick. What if the condition drops, the trip back to the village has to be postponed first.


For those who carry goods pay attention to the most important things first. Prepare all the items that you might be able to use while on your way home. From medicines, vehicle equipment, and some food for the trip.

Take care of your health before going home//enjoy the ride

If the trip you are taking is far away and you are driving yourself, then pull over and rest first. Maintain body condition to be fit and avoid unwanted accidents. Take thirty minutes for a short break. Or those of you who have a substitute friend can take turns driving so you don’t get tired.

Keep only what’s important

While you are on your way, don’t forget to save important numbers. Just in case something happens that you don’t want. Save police, ambulance, and many more numbers.