Steps to Register for BPJS Kesehatan Register Online

Steps to Register for BPJS Health Register Online

Steps to Register for BPJS Health Register Online

Website, enter the BPJS website online or you can go through JKN MObile. Then you follow all the terms and conditions that apply. Steps to Register for BPJS Health Register Online

  1. Personal data, fill in complete and correct personal data.
  2. Email verification
  3. Pay BPJS contributions
  4. Got a BPJS card. When going to pick up the BPJS card, don’t forget to bring the registration form, virtual account number, and proof of transfer.

How to register for JKN Mobile

JKN Mobile is an application that makes it very easy for its users. Of course, you will receive many benefits from BPJS Health. Here are the features Queenswestvillager

  • Registration of new members
  • check the bill
  • status check
  • Online queue feature
  • Check the room in the reference health facility

Following are the steps for registering for JKN Mobile

faster and less time consuming//data content
  • Download the application
  • Register on JKN
  • Enter NIK
  • Enter all family members
  • Fill in personal data correctly and completely.
  • select a payment method

When can BPJS be used After registering
The BPJS card can be used if you have made the first payment. However, those who can use it directly are BPJS Mandiri or BPJS PBI (for the less fortunate). Other than independent BPJS or BPJS PBI, of course, it cannot be used directly.

In order for your BPJS card to work normally, you need to use it correctly. You need to pay on time, because paying with BPJS, of course, will be checked and traced first, everything will go through the existing procedures.