Things to pay attention to when in Yogyakarta

Things to pay attention to when in Yogyakarta

Things to pay attention to when in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta always offers beautiful and beautiful tourist attractions. You can get many unforgettable experiences while on vacation in Yogyakarta. Save some beautiful moments and sweet memories while on vacation in Yogyakarta. Enjoying a vacation in Yogyakarta is indeed very fun, but there are also things to pay attention to when in Yogyakarta.

There are so many new types of tourism that continue to be present in Yogyakarta. But we also have to follow some of the rules that exist in Yogyakarta. Every time we vacation in Yogyakarta we will find some things that we should not do. Therefore, visitors must pay attention to these things in order to enjoy a calm and fun vacation.

While on vacation in Yogyakarta:

  • Pedicab
    Traveling in Malioboro will certainly take a lot of time and also the feet will be tired. Even though we are tired we can rest and enjoy a place to unwind. But rickshaws can also help us arrive at tourist attractions. Unfortunately in Yogyakarta becak is also a thing that must be considered. Queenswestvillager

The rickshaws will offer a price to take the place at a fairly cheap price. But we must also know that becaks sometimes offer a place to shop so that when they increase the value of money for the becak also increases. Sometimes rickshaws also cook for visitors to scare visitors.


  • Looking for Lodging
    While on vacation in Yogyakarta, of course, we have to look for lodging that fits our money bag. Yogyakarta does have many cheap and strategic hotels and motels. But it’s a lot different when you ask a pedicab driver for a hotel or someone in Yogyakarta. Room prices will change when the person you ask recommends it. Prices are not going down, they are going up.
holiday with caution//careful

Also, be careful when looking for lodging next to the station monument. Because there are many virtuous women living there. If you book a room there, it can make a lot of misunderstandings and be mistaken for one of the virtuous women.

Small gifts
  • Buy souvenirs at the shopping center
    Vacationing in Yogyakarta is indeed the best if you buy a lot of souvenirs, especially if the souvenirs are delicious and funny. Looking for souvenirs can be easily done by shopping at the shopping center in Yogyakarta, which is the center for souvenirs. Not only shopping centers can make us buy souvenirs. There is still a Yogyakarta market which can also be a place to shop for souvenirs.

It’s much different when we come to a place to shop for souvenirs with a bus driver or tour guide. Prices will go up immediately when you come with a bus driver and tour guide. The increased price will give a commission to the tour guide and driver.

  • Angkringan
    On vacation in Yogyakarta, you will definitely want to experience what is called Angkringan in Yogyakarta. There are so many types of Angkringan scattered in Yogyakarta. Although many still have to be careful in choosing Angkringan in Yogyakarta. Because it could be that the price given is not in accordance with the drinks we enjoy. Makes us bulging eyes and stroking our chests because of the sky-high prices Of ordinary drinks. To be able to enjoy delicious and cheap Angkringan, you can go to the central monument with the right and left shoulders.