Tips and how to introduce letters

Tips and how to introduce letters

Tips and how to introduce letters

Happy times with family certainly make us happy and happy. Can gather and play together. Families are happier when the baby can begin to speak. The first word that is often said is mama. Really touched and happy to see the development of my beloved baby. Seeing its development, of course, the mother can’t wait to teach many things to her child, isn’t it? Then follow these tips and how to introduce letters to your child so that the baby will be smarter.

Seeing that the baby has started to develop, of course, the mother will take the time to invite her to play while teaching some things that can be easily remembered. Don’t forget to also prepare some reading equipment for the baby. When you start introducing letters to your child, it may seem easy, but did you know that it is very difficult?

Let’s get to know the letters

Queenswestvillager – Learning to recognize letters is the best key for children. By starting to recognize letters, the steps for writing and reading will also make it easier for children. For ordinary people, it may be considered a trivial thing, but did you know that introducing letters is the main point of learning?

To start teaching children, mothers don’t be in a hurry to do it. Because if you teach children in a hurry, it can make children not want to learn anymore because they are afraid. Mam doesn’t have to worry anymore about introducing letters to their children. There are already some easy ways that you can practice with your children.

Tips and how to teach children to introduce letters

  • Introduce the letters one by one
    Every time you introduce the letter mam you can use some unique shapes or a picture book with the letters on it. Teach children not all at once because the child can be bored and afraid.
  • Invite to play while learning
    Don’t get bored while studying. Mam can invite her baby to play while learning.
  • Giving compliments
    Every time the children start to find the letters you mention, praise them and give them a sweet hug so that the child is happy and wants to learn more. Giving praise is a sign of the child’s enthusiasm to continue to recognize letters.
start recognizing letters//happy
  • Restart
    After finishing learning to recognize letters to children. Try to test the ability of children so as not to forget quickly.Write in the book
    Prepare a blank paper or an empty book and you can invite the child to write a letter. Write while showing the child so that the child understands.
  • Always varied
    To introduce letters to your child, don’t just use one way. Prepare some appropriate steps so that children do not experience boredom in learning.
  • View the situation
    If when your child feels bored and starts to be lazy to learn, then don’t force it on your child.Invite children to play or take a break if they show boredom.
  • Be patient
    Every time you introduce a letter to a child for the first time, it may not be as quick and easy to memorize. It takes time to get your baby to remember and memorize. Do not get angry easily and be patient because being patient will produce very sweet results.

With the right steps in introducing letters, you can make your baby more familiar, with and make children happy with letters.