Want to be noticed

Want to be noticed

Want to be noticed

Of course, it will give its own pleasure. Almost everyone will do anything to get attention. A look that looks amazed and curious can sometimes make you happy and uncomfortable. Usually, people who like to seek attention have a selfish attitude.

No wonder there are some people who always have very exaggerated traits. It’s normal for someone to ask for attention. Get looks of admiration and pride when you succeed in getting attention. Getting the usual attention seems normal. but if it’s too much it can make other people misunderstand and think you have a disorder.

Can influence

Most people who want attention will overdo it. Many say that people who are always looking for attention can damage friendships and themselves. A trait that looks sweet can actually deceive many people. Queenswestvillager

It’s no wonder that people who are looking for attention will do anything to be able to get flattery or praise. Most people who always want to be noticed easily feel jealous and jealous. Dislikes other people getting attention and always feels lonely.

There are several actions that are often done to get praise from others, namely:

envy that can damage the mental//excessive behavior
  • Always looks pathetic
  • Downloading a photo on social media excessively
  • Want to get lots of compliments
  • Always lying
  • Lots of showing off
  • Exaggerating every word and so on

Actions that are often obtained can certainly make other people believe and always provide support. Even so, it can be a disorder that many people don’t expect. According to some experts, people who seek attention are people whose lives are always alone and who don’t have friends. No wonder there are some people who are looking for attention to vent all into cyberspace. Hoping to get flattery and sweet comments from everyone