Attention baby

Attention baby

Attention baby

The attention of the baby will certainly make you as parents pay more attention to all the baby’s movements. When babies can start moving agile, of course, they will start looking for some fun that makes them curious. It’s not just singing, music sounds, and expensive toys they are looking for.

Seeing the cute behavior of babies makes you as parents definitely not want to let go and want to be close to them. It’s not just adults who have busy lives, it turns out that babies also have their own things to do. They will do some activities that the baby thinks are fun and exciting.


Now, as new parents, of course, this is the first thing for you to see the activities of children who are so agile and cute. Accompanying all their activities helps develop children’s thinking power. Here are some things that can keep the baby’s attention in his activities. Queenswestvillager

Move goods

When they were babies, their eyes could only move with a field of view of about fifteen to twenty centimeters. after increasing a few months the baby can start to turn and look around. For babies seeing some items can make their curiosity increase. A sense of curiosity can make them learn to experience cause and effect.


It’s not just my adults who love music. For babies, music can also make them feel happy. If babies who listen to music can sway and move, it indicates that their hearing is fine. Apart from that, if the baby can start sitting alone, you can prepare some baby musical instruments for them to play with.

focus on what they find interesting//move


When babies first appear in the world of colors, the first things they see are bright colors. There are some people who say that babies can only see black and white. as time goes by the color starts to increase. The bright colors that they can see are red, yellow, green, and blue. As they get older they also add colors like pastels. So as a parent, so that children can see colors, often invite them to see colors or hang colors in the room with different pictures.

Playing with his limbs

Newborns sometimes have a habit of playing with their limbs. This is natural because the baby is starting to examine their own body by playing with and shaking their body.

Meet animals
For newborns, of course, meeting animals can only feel amused and also soft. When they can see they will be happy and hug them like hugging a bolster. They express their cute and exasperated feelings with a hug.