Things to pay attention to during the Christmas holidays

Things to pay attention to during the Christmas holidays

Things to pay attention to during the Christmas holidays

Things to pay attention to during the Nataru holidays are not just vacation spots. Many people don’t know that for the Christmas holidays, you have to bring complete documents while on vacation. Since the pandemic, many people are on vacation just at home. Just stay quiet and do light activities in the house.

Of course, this makes many people feel bored and unable to breathe. Staying at home turns out to make many people unable to enjoy happy holidays. After some time since the virus started to disappear, many people have started their activities again. Start working and looking for activities to launch the business.

Complete operation

Queenswestvillager – Even though there is still a pandemic, it turns out that residents don’t need to be afraid anymore. Start planning a vacation together with family, friends, or relatives. For those of you who want to go on vacation, of course, it’s not as easy as it used to be. Must provide an entry permit to go on vacation. In addition, the teams are ready to carry out prevention points at the track posts.

The team that was prepared was not just one but many, such as doctors, police officers, TNI, and others. At each point of the track, a candle operation will be held. Operations that carry out complete checks such as vehicle documents, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and holiday permits. The implementation of the wax operation is carried out before Nataru begins.

All track points are ready to carry out candle operations

wax operation//check all

For those of you who are going on vacation, of course, you have to start preparing all the complete documents so that your vacation plans don’t fall apart. At each point, all teams will be prepared. Supervision will be held at the border, toll roads, and several routes leading to areas outside the city will also be prepared.

The purpose of making a permit while on vacation is to prevent the virus from entering the city and not spreading it to many places. If several people are found who do not carry entry permits, they will be brought to the Health team to check for viruses. If positive, quarantine will be carried out. There is no charge for checking the candle operation.

How to protect and prevent the increase in viruses during holidays. Every vehicle that has been checked and passed will be marked with a sticker from the candle operation.